Organische meststoffen met respect voor de natuur

Soil improver

In general

Soil improvers are products which improve the structure and the fertility of the soil. Soil improvers contain, in contrast with fertilisers, less nutrition. These products can be used in combination with fertilisers or can be applied separate. Using soil improvers will result in :

  • better soilstructure
  • increasing soil activity and humuscontent
  • better air-waterhousehold
  • optimalisation of lime and nutrient situation in the soil
  • a soil which is easy to cultivate


ORGANIC soil improvers :

  • fully composed of natural components (rough materials) as there are : cow manure, horse manure, composts, chicken, manure, seaweeds,… The application of these soil improvers guarantees an increased humusgrade and a higher percentage of organic matter in the soil.

MINERAL soil improvers :

  • These soil improvers with a fossile origin (stones, rocks) have a very high stability. According to there origin we can make the following distinction :
Lime products regulation of soil acidity seaweed lime, bio-lime+MgO,Vertilime
Vulcanic products plant nutrition, making soils lighter (easier to cultivate) lava powder, basalt powder, lava grit
Clay products making light soils (sand) more heavy bentonite
Other products depending on the product origin Perlite, vermiculite, TerraCottom,...